After Easter and its chocolates, it’s time to take care of the teeth


Easter is my favorite holiday. Aside from being a great time to get together with the family and be with the people we love and often do not see for a long time, it’s the holiday that has the best food in my opinion!

However, after falling into the chocolate for several days in a row, it is good to take good care of our oral health because if we do not, the cavities can appear and end up making us sick. Chocolate is my weak point and if we do not take care of sugar, we can end up seriously compromising our oral health.

I always try to be careful and watch myself, but I confess that sometimes it ends up falling into oblivion and I sleep without brushing my teeth after eating sweets or any other type of food. Over time, these remains get on our teeth and accumulate dirt, which results in dental diseases, such as caries and gingivitis.

It’s important to be careful all year round, but in more festive times, like at Easter, I redouble my attention here at home, both with myself and with my three children.

If we, who are adults, sometimes neglect, you imagine the children! We can not falter in that sense and that is why I always go to the best dental office in Florida to take care of my oral health and my whole family.

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